Song Yanguo do network marketing have to face four kinds of customers

"customer is God", this sentence may be the basis of each business enterprise, but there are always some god is difficult to solve. The estimated number of SEOER will encounter such problems in the process of network marketing are: from the construction site to the network marketing plan, from the early to the late site layout of network promotion, sometimes customers always inform you of this, not to mind taking the trouble to change it, do a web site for half a month, not in the end let! Our marketing network is scorched by the flames. These things, you encountered? Today, with Song Yanguo as we listed some keenly aware of all sorts of strange things "to god".

The first kind of

type: utterly ignorant of


this type of customer is what we often encounter. Many enterprise business customers can say is the layman of network marketing website! Feel is to take the site to do up, openly, even some customers will come up with another website, let you die to do so as one. When you do the site is almost the same, the results, the customer will notice, can change a page, you can change the template style…… When you determine the entire web page after the encounter such problems, is not very tangled? What is more, after the website uploads, the request to amend it, they feel that the website is a drawing so simple? And even some customer requirements do a station Flash, if you do not do network promotion, this may. But customers also require website promotion, but also the effect of network marketing. How can add up to a whole website Chinese characters eyes can say clearly, late to do network promotion, how much difficult ah! You can say this,


second: over

many customers will be like this. From the domain name, space charge, to the late promotion expenses, and you will be a sum, but also very fine! International domain name, domain name, web site choice, feel cheap no good, and feel a bit expensive, but we are not certain of these costs is. The network, the new network. Many customers want us cheaper, cheaper, meet understand can also explain, don’t understand, well, you just get the contract, "not signing a word! Again, is in the choice of keywords, a national promotion, to a regional price term 4, do a keyword, must give 1 times the price, this time, what would you say? Song Yanguo would say:" the manager, I feel your company or do Baidu for good".

third: regular modified

This is worse than the first

! Are generally met up to do network promotion! When the website, upload end, record all OK, and the promotion of a half a month, a month later, the site has been included, the results are basically up. A lot of Seoer are ready to do the next step in the promotion of the network, then the customer will come to tell you, you can not change the site title, you can not change the next section ah

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