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said earlier, whether it is online or offline, creative innovation for the eyes of most Internet users, creativity is the core competitiveness of a website. How to innovate that?

advanced into our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me", the park has a pair of lovers are sweet, spoiled girl said her husband: I have a toothache! Boy then kissed the girl a question: is it a girl say no pain! A girl can said: husband, I have a pain in the neck! The boy kisses the girl’s neck, asked this hurt the girl is very happy to say: no pain! Next to an old lady standing for a long time, can not help, and asked the young man said: you guys really God, you can cure hemorrhoids

cannot be sore?We all know that

is a good way of innovation, but there are a lot of really went to the road, and no start, because more difficult than technical innovation to overcome it, innovation is very abstract, it is boundless, can let you appear in every hour and moment good ideas, but I feel is not a pure idea is a good innovation, the network can create miracles, but also need a concept based, like the mail promotion strategy of happy net is a real innovation, general Adsense is not only connected with friends can register, but happy net caught netizens the strong curiosity is realized within a few months of membership at millions of using six degree space theory and 20/80 law.

how to innovate, there is no conceptual definition. Not to say how to do, but innovation is to have the training of thinking, and knowledge, and other aspects of the improvement, may be in different locations in different environments, a new way of thinking. Because each person’s thinking is not the same location, the environment is different, the idea is not the same, all without a definition.

but I would like to remind you that two points may help everyone to innovate:

the first divergent thinking, and sometimes reverse thinking. For the same problem, the first time we come up with a solution is usually the result of existing experience, knowledge of the routine. But we have to ask ourselves before implementation, so they can not, there is no other way, and sometimes have to face a feeling of logical solution, we should ask ourselves, we don’t go do not, we reverse direction, the effect will be. A better way is possible.

second don’t set limits on yourself. For many large companies is more important, in the method of creative thought, must be relaxed, no pressure, not to set their own limits, think of what a powerful and unconstrained style arbitrary, not universal, not transfer ideas do not immediately deny, should be timely recorded, after discussion how can be the basic realization and effect, often a lot of not the idea is innovation, but also don’t listen to what others say, I believe that they are completely self focused.

innovation is web

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