Zhuge Xiao a novice network to promote learning

network promotion, from exposure to now half the time, always think there are a lot of things to learn, a lot of methods need to practice for three years, learning computer professional network contact me, the real meaning of that is from the beginning of this work now, but also because of this I began to understand network promotion. Because of the network, I believe that the future will continue to go on this road, although do not know the results, but also be able to give yourself a chance to improve the ability of it.

April 2010 is the beginning of my current job, I do not know the network promotion. When I started working, my main work is the post release of the company’s products in some information on the B2B web site, the main purpose is to let Baidu collect these information, what all don’t understand, start to do is very simple, in the online collection can publish information on the website, and then register the account, release the pure advertising information.

was also responsible for the maintenance of the website while the management of the company, but for network promotion, website optimization, do not know what, find web site posting, and Baidu included, using post software plus work after a period of time, a large number of posts, there is also a small part was collected, repeated every day the same job, like a post robot, feeling the efficiency is very low, began in the online search related methods, such as how to release information, how to make information collection etc.. Now, as long as the network and related content, search engine is our first teacher, you do not understand and no one to guide us, search engine has become our best teacher, do you do not understand the network search engine should think of this "silent" teacher first. Through the search, find a lot of related articles on the Internet, most of them are written by others to promote the soft, through these soft text gradually come into contact with the concept of network promotion. Network promotion is to master the earliest mouchangqing, seeing a lot of network promotion of the article in his blog, he wrote some feeling of method is very useful for me to see do not understand they want to know, then began on the network promotion search content, thus gradually come into contact the network promotion, slowly contact on the network more, also to understand website optimization, which is SEO, and the company began to optimize web site, you know less, also is the basic work site optimization do: update the article, in exchange for some Links, some forum to send some outside chain. At that time, feeling better than the post site optimization easier, at least not so tired.

was a lot of interest in the site optimization, but also did not want to learn some of the ways to promote the network. See the network promotion methods mentioned in the article of Mr. Mou Changqing are very good, but for me it is not so easy to learn and use these methods to do the promotion, really let me begin to learn network promotion method is in a push BBS, at that time the main job is to send post, also registered some forum advertising. I belong to the passing of the forum, the registered account issued an advertising post >

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