Talk about the good content of the mobile nternet era scenario

mobile Internet is the real Internet, whether it is Internet companies or traditional companies are moving to the Internet for a major transformation. In fact, there was an article of Qin Gang points out the difference between the PC Internet and mobile Internet: from the search for the king to share mobile. Baidu is China’s largest traffic distribution center, and now it is, but this influence is declining. In the PC Internet era Baidu was once the highest market capitalization of China Internet Corporation, Robin Li was once the richest man in china. At that time, there was a famous saying that the company can escape the search only two: 360 and Tencent, because they are doing client. But now the era has changed the mobile Internet era.

remember once Zhang Zhaoyang said: the future of all advertising is everything in the future. PC era by search, mobile era by content. Because only the good content will be shared by the spread in micro-blog WeChat era has been verified, WeChat Zhang Xiaolong had already revealed a WeChat, WeChat is 20% of people choose 80% people to read the contents of content. It is clear that if you can’t make a real good content, you can’t do it. We all know that micro-blog WeChat era because there is no technical threshold, everyone can do micro-blog marketing of WeChat marketing, this is an important reason that mask derivative disaster caused by flooding water. Micro-blog WeChat marketing mainly rely on the content, in the end what is good content, what is the content of the standard?.


I was "Luo Ji thinking," the hardcore members, I think that the fat Luo slogan: there is a kind of interesting material, this is our thinking has been a good idea of the contents of the Luo clear. So today, mainly to talk about my understanding of these three keywords.

what is a kind of my understanding is: there is a point of view there are attitudes and opinions. What is the use of a kind of thinking, such as thinking is to do community, Luo fat is charismatic personality. He can criticize some things, such as he would dare to criticize Chinese medicine. Like millet is a fan of the economy, he would not offend any of the fans. There is a charm of personality is indispensable to the establishment of a drug, Luo fat is to wash powder.

what is interesting? My understanding is: fun, entertainment, games. This is easy to understand, this is the death of an entertainment era, entertainment is needed by everyone, so micro-blog spread most widely and quickly are basically some jokes. For example, micro-blog can grab red game is a dice, can be mora, can be red envelopes than the traditional relay, this is very important so fun, play together.

What is a

? My understanding is that the value of micro-blog, WeChat is the most widely circulated that the idea of the bowl of Chicken Soup for the soul, there is a class of health knowledge. Why do these things will be shared more. Of course, the first choice is that everyone needs a big market, it is not the value of adhesion well, value is the foundation of communication.

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