Today we begin to promote the video

video promotion originated in foreign countries, the basic is to do one of the mall website promotion practices, but also the most direct and most effective promotion. Today, the Ministry of search SEO training Superman to tell you about the video should be noted that several points.

1, video title set

title party we have encountered a lot of, this is the most commonly used SEOER gimmick. For their own video (article) from a special explosive title not only speed up the click rate, the exposure rate, the most important to be able to leave a deep impression on the visitors.

as we usually like chasing girls, if you want to catch up with the success of a strange girl, you must first impress, whether or bad impression should leave a good impression. The more the better, when you write to the brain, the next time you

met that accosted a lot of natural. Well, do not say, say it was going. We say back to the title, in addition to want to play an interesting title, do not forget to add the title of the site you want to promote the site, it is natural to add up,

We like to add the keyword

website, if you did not understand me, can I have this promotional video reference title is how to set up:

2, video content

said the content, may be a lot of people are very headache, is to record a video of yourself or to reprint others? I believe that many people will first choose the former. Yes, do video promotion is to promote their own websites and products. But easier said than done,

is in trouble.

a, creative

to attract more people to browse your video the first thing you want to attract enough to record. Now go to the potatoes just a search word will pop up a lot of funny video list, you can refer to other people’s ideas in the middle of the pile.

two, post processing

recording of the video is not a finished product, but also through the professional processing can be sent to the internet. For example, in the video on the web site, cut some flaws, with background music, etc.. But the most important thing is to deal with the capacity of your video.

imagine, who will go to see a buffer for 1 minutes no good video? But some people will argue that a funny name does not attract them on the line? I say, have interesting names although have a little effect, but then again, who will

to see a buffer for 1 minutes is not a good video? Even if you get what the meat, the cache for a period of one or two minutes, look at a card a card, who would like to?

see here believe that many of his friends to push down. "

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