Talk about the current network marketing blindly follow suit

recently found that QQ group, we do not send links to the site, have made QQ space diary link. In fact, we found that many platforms for everyone in the QQ space link, this is why? Because from the media accepted by more and more people, more and more friends want to own a tall people from the media. QQ space is a very fire of the platform, many industry marketing people plus are moving into QQ space. Natural QQ space from the media fire up.

emerged from the media, since the media people seem very bright. High income and time freedom ring and let everyone in droves: I also want to do from the media, I also want to do QQ space, I have to sit at home and make money. It’s not easy to be a media player?. So there is a normal.

write a diary every day, and then forwarded to micro-blog, WeChat, QQ group, forums and other platforms. Imagine a few days later, the fans are coming, the renminbi is coming. But we have done a period of time will find that how difficult it is that their ability is not in place. Never mind, to learn how to do.

think of themselves as more powerful marketing people QQ space, blogs are collected, read every day. Today, I saw a powder absorbing method. See a profitable project tomorrow, do it right away. Or no effect, in the end is how?


for now hot from the media, most of the friends of the previous personal webmaster thinking: traffic is king. So crazy people, crazy, just for the sake of their own QQ space views a little more. Guardian Yuan Kun did a small test, the general entertainment talk about the amount is relatively high. However, the role of these flows have much, how many friends to think about if your QQ a day without any content, how many people will come to visit, how many people are willing to do a try to see.

What fire

on the Internet for all to do what, follow a normal, after all, everyone is not law-abiding people. But also need to follow the trend of their unique things out? Yesterday to see a piece: the goddess sent her husband colleagues to lunch, did not speak down and go. The new male colleague asked: who is it?. Question: did not give money to her: do not have to sleep with him at night just fine…… Male colleagues thought. The second day, colleagues as she brought four dishes and a soup for lunch, the whole office laughed… PS: don’t copy others easily, you don’t have the core competitiveness.

if we go to see some really powerful friends, will find that they have a common: focus on quality issues. Although they are doing fans economy, in the circle, do connections, but the method is completely different.

one: first, to their own positioning. As a marketer, do you position yourself? What are you good at? What can you offer? Who do you want?

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