WeChat network marketing how to do drainage program of new ideas – channel article

said WeChat network marketing program, maybe you will think more WeChat marketing is not every hair circle of friends, or friends about forwarding software group, in fact, these are not marketing programs, not to mention the practical drainage channels, and the effect is very poor, to do a good job of WeChat marketing drainage powder. What are the essence and practical first you must understand the essence of WeChat marketing channels? WeChat marketing is precision marketing, is popular in terms of customer needs for your service, rather than a person filling number, so the precise customer is how come? Is this article to share the key of M channel tutorial articles, through various cognitive drainage channels to the practical characteristics of powder analysis is expected to bring what effect, I have to attract fans channel is divided into several lines: Baidu, QQ Department, the Department of the forum, micro-blog blog, video, etc., the following WeChat marketing experience for many years from the channel one dimensional analysis.

, a Baidu channel devaluation, Baidu, including Post Bar experience, know, Wikipedia, which specific operation more easy to use and better? The answer is to do as much as possible, the reason is very simple, Baidu features its own platform, the weight is high, included fast, good natural ranking, you can a random search keywords, basically Baidu’s own products accounted for half of the country.

1, Baidu Encyclopedia for corporate or personal brand, basically search your brand on the highest top of the home page.

Hot Post Bar

2, Baidu Post Bar optional some related industries, posting the top post, so you will stay at the top of the post, pay attention to ads features depends on their Post Bar, do not take the title of sensitive words, disguised, not delete posts may refer to the degree of M Post Bar share, here not one to beaddressed.

3, Baidu experience drainage for method steps, remember to illustrations, this article stars can reach the star quality, drainage from the nickname of experience, one sentence and head start, can sign up to share the author must sign the audit quickly.

, 4 meters of Baidu recommended when the number of Baidu know, know why? Baidu advertising forms (WeChat Q phone links) can be said, the answer is generally done within a few hours will be included rankings, but also answer ranking good post do so in the drainage. The point went in to see your advertisement information, chicken eggs by simple, is because of the characteristics of Baidu know, is now on the advertising efforts is relatively large, the new method to learn more.

two, QQ series, focusing on QQ space marketing, QQ group marketing, QQ friends marketing.

1, QQ space is also someone else focus on understanding of your business, so to open a yellow diamond, the beautiful dress space, usually update log and say.

2, QQ group marketing: This is done, detonated traffic is not a problem, QQ group rankings and tyrants screen must do >

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