SEO effect is how to do

the same site, different SEOER to do the effect is very different; even for the same SEOER if his skill is not very thick, sometimes the effect will be very different. So the big watch others see the SEO effect case only focus on the rough index: flow and ranking, to assume a website SEO whether success or failure.

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SEO effect, should not only in the results, but should be back, from the effect of the SEO element to judge a site SEO, this is the most fair for SEOER, and I recently encountered a case in point.

a novice SEO in Shanghai, a medical company to do optimization, every day is very hard to send the chain and add content, but the rankings and traffic has been very poor. Disappointed by my SEO Blog to find me, saying that I really will not do SEO, and all the things I learned to use, that is, there is no SEO effect, do not know how to go the next step.

so I looked at his station, query some of the most basic data, found that the problem is that he is too hard, so that there is no SEO effect. Some people may feel very funny, very hard why not SEO? Because it’s too hard, just down to work and forget to think, forget to see if some SEO elements have been overlooked by their own without knowing it. Because the SEO effect, need to grasp a comprehensive factors, rather than a lot of the chain, content lot is SEO effect, on this issue, I once wrote an article, the scholarship website ranking model.

The scholarship website ranking model in

, I did not say the specific factors of the rankings, but we must pay attention to the overall factors that impact on the ranking, because any a whole idea than you could do a lot of work is faster and more effect. But it seems that a lot of people read the article and asked me a question: what is the specific SEO effect factor of a page?

this really can not say, because any independent page has independent factors. For example, the same is a kind of information in the content page, content page and a page of the film the influence factors of ranking is completely inconsistent, the timeliness of the information and the stronger and more valuable, and a movie page is mainly the quality of the resource itself is more important; for example, the same is a type the search term, the user demand may be diverse, you may have very strong competitors in a demand point, and one of the other competitors demand is poor, you will continue to adhere to the critical needs of the original layout of the


so the SEO effect is not directly related to how much work is done, because it is only a "quantity"". But we can see in many cases like this usually, many novice SEO humbly ask a SEO veteran how to modify the.

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