Ten strokes to double sales website

for the reason of network industry, always love learning experience in ClickZ network, is a super diver, it Shouyang, also registered a new member, began to test the waters, we support ah. A shop sales management problems, has been pondering, in fact nothing more than these tricks are used, the effect is not one, I believe we can give you some inspiration.

1, give your potential customers additional motivation to purchase, so they can buy more quickly. This extra motivation can be free shipping, faster delivery, free packaging, etc.. Customers are the fashion of young people can send qq COINS, and a variety of value-added services of these diamonds show young people keen on things, such as a bottle of cosmetics, probably more than a month on the run, you can send a month when you run out of the yellow diamond, cosmetics, diamond has expired, the customer must first think of you site.

2, make your small business look great on the wan. Design your site using professional drawings, ordering systems, and uniform layout.

this is also equivalent to the first meeting of the first impression, so that people trust, is nothing more than to show the strength of their own web site, the page to the atmosphere, the speed should be faster, faster updates.

3, by giving consumers clear ordering instructions, to attract more customers. Provide them with all the information they need to shop so that they can simply complete the order.

operation to be a fool, online shopping is for convenience, those things are removed overseas tiger flowers for customers to experience the pleasure of shopping.

4, to provide customers with the purchase motivation, so they can repeat the purchase. Give them discounts, free gifts, bonus points, etc..

refer to the first bar, think about the actual situation of their own customers.

5, whenever you have the opportunity to tell your website. These people will tell the others, in turn. This is a low-cost way to multiply your ad effect. Timely publicity, which is the magic weapon to win all kinds of businessmen.

6, write or email to the news media for your website. Use an eye-catching title to make the content of your story newsworthy, and tell the reader why their readers will like it. Manufacturing news, as the master, the conditional can find the gunmen.

7, in your website and electronic magazine, use a large number of headlines. Type of Title: free, existing problems, problem solving, sales and data statistics, etc.. There is no doubt that these are the most attractive to customers.

8, for other web site design pictures, templates, buttons and banners advertising. Allow others to use the content on their home page before they are willing to link to your site.

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