Enterprise blog marketing to test the water

focus on corporate blog marketing for some time. Now prepare for their organizations to carry out the actual point of this work, the general ideas are listed below, welcome friends of Paizhuan interested in enterprise blog marketing


first, the purpose of blog marketing

1, improve our training center in the search engine visibility and ranking (as a complement to existing enterprise website). Keywords: including two aspects such as training, training a class of Sichuan University Sichuan institutional words; such as human resources training, financial planning training products of words. That is: customers can search through these keywords in a higher ranking to our blog, read the blog post by way of contact can be linked to our center.

2, through the value of Bowen indirect communication agency image and credibility, to play a role in sales promotion.

two, blog marketing platform selection

uses BSP blog platform. The main consideration is to build a blog, you want to improve the weight of the blog search in the need for a longer cycle, it is better to use some of the existing relatively high weight blog platform. At the same time, we need to find a more consistent with our institutions to carry out the project blog platform, such as currently considered more appropriate Chinese wisdom http://s.blog.wise111.com/

may have friends will ask, why not in the original site under a new blog. Mainly for risk considerations, as a pilot, if there is an unexpected problem, Li Jun’s job may be a crisis.

three, blog marketing implementation strategy

1, Li Jun individuals to maintain a higher frequency blog article writing. Due to the special reasons of our training center, it is not good to have too much internal operation in the blog writing process. So get ready to read more information through the personal training industry, with the search engine is interested in writing or the technique of some of the original article and introduction. At the same time try to balance the reader’s reading experience.

2, invite some students to come to our must center course audition, and after listening to communicate and give gifts, and ask them to provide a 400 word of blog to listen.

PS: the above implementation strategy may be lower, but there are high possible mode of operation, if you want to let Li Jun into a "Feedsky HP dv3000 blog marketing" as the scale, there is no financial resources and the.

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of Feedsky HP dv3000: a brief blog marketing (excerpt)

Feedsky blog marketing activities of several major steps:

1, at HP Pav>

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