Startups understand the 8 financing ways, does not fear the winter capital


is currently booming China management policy, new economy constantly refresh the way of life, and in the macroeconomic situation of the venture capital industry, China a double policy to gradually fall, the national innovation, on the other hand the public venture capital raging like a storm; winter, valuation and investment fell sharply and slowing down the pace of. Between ice and fire entrepreneurs, though determined not to change, but teeter.

has published a series of articles on innovation and equity financing before, received a lot of readers business letters and phone calls, I hope the start-up capital planning a more detailed exposition, and to participate in the National University online review 2015 innovation and industry competition and alumni reception from Changchun project business visit I think, more deeply touched.

online review of the project, I start to see a large number of similar projects in non coastal and non first-tier cities (the taxi, electricity, electricity, electricity supplier / specialty / campus part-time stage, robots, drones and so on), because of years of venture capital is not to regard it as right, habits, easily from the selected industries and projects the starting city, the founding team, competitive advantage, the current situation of the development of these enterprises is derived in the future: Internet infrastructure in these areas is weak, consumer spending habits, poor environment, strong inertia of Venture Capital Internet talent shortage, the future project results are the same project is a top-down coerced capital advantage in the market, or the acquisition or simply endure defeat do not go.

The founder of

from Changchun until the project to visit Yantai takeaway company was deeply touched me, the project to work at noon takeaway takeout lunch as the starting point, solve the takeaway platform experience and service Changchun big city is poor, difficult to guarantee food safety and hygiene, single / single hop to frequent pain points the price of 10 yuan, just two months of promotion has occupied the promoter region of more than 50% market share, to achieve regional market breakthrough.

at the beginning, the founder wanted to build the central kitchen, build sales and distribution services online and offline O2O system. This project is the business model in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and the coastal city of Hangzhou are difficult or investors, of course I also declined, but the founder of perseverance and studious spirit and career drive touched me, so I often telephone communication business model, market development, equity financing problems. Later, I listen to my proposal, adjusted for cooperation with large star hotels and restaurant chains, after all, the investment is too large and self built line system is not conducive to regional expansion. This year, the food and beverage market Aihong, takeaway platform continued to rise and flow of high-quality customers, let the business cooperation to promote more smoothly. Of course, in promoting the progress of the market at the same time, the founder also efforts to promote the pace of financing, but because of the local venture capital environment factors, has been difficult to find a suitable investment institutions. Founder also consulted the local incubator, but the monthly fee of 6000 yuan into the incubation but let enterprises prohibitive

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