The most important step in network marketing

written in front: last night when statistics actually sell a related child, whether it is "network marketing is the most important step", or "easy conversion that is hard, only a few words to say" is the same problem, but it is different; in fact, the proportion of 93:42:70 in my surprise, because everyone is really fast, love money, but really ignore a problem: "the choice is more important than the effort, I think that maybe the" potential "will change the fate of all, 2014 station to the outlet, of course this article this article will make up for you. Here we present the topic we are discussing today:

in the past, we talked about the network marketing traffic is king, I may also engage in traffic is relatively simple, I do not think. I have always thought that the least input to achieve the maximum benefit is the most important in the network marketing. Still that sentence: leveraging the power of effortless, when really understand this sentence will realize that the most important factor in network marketing is the conversion of the layout. Because each link in the network marketing are implicit conversion of this concept, the move you do well in the network marketing process in the most basic of our utility will be achieved effortlessly, less income is only slightly adjusted.


to the most basic PC terminal network marketing as an example: the whole marketing process but is: input to IP and PV, and to return to business consulting, word-of-mouth referrals to return, in the whole process, as long as we improve one of the links, other marketing and constant returns will greatly that increase exponentially! Everyone should have feelings in the process of network marketing, but found that the responsible person to chat with many companies network marketing operation, these things are ignored, in fact, in the above system:


IP increased three times the remaining links are the same, the final revenue growth of three times, recognition and so on? We can find what


when each link is improved, the return will form a geometric growth!

so, be ignored is the most precious value!

such as: input to ip

in the usual IP do not worry about what we do not know where the traffic, but do not know how to attract customers to trust us and come to our website.

we can engage in SEO, but the ranking in front of others willing to come in?

we can engage in bidding, really spend money to engage in other people will click on it?

we can buy an ad, with the advertising people can remember you can buy?

we can engage in cooperation, others help you to their client groups sent a copy, it will enter your site?

no, what we need is to seduce others, this step will achieve the purpose of drainage

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