A5 download enabled xiazai.com short domain name

webmaster network A5 download (down.admin5.com) with immediate effect to enable xiazai.com and www.xiazai.com   domain access, convenient user memory.

download on A5:

A5 download was founded at the end of 2008, including source code, software, materials, tutorials, 4 columns, dedicated to the construction of a more complete webmaster resources platform.

after 1 years of hard work, in many partners and owners with the help of friends, has been among the most outstanding A5 Download Download Station webmaster ranks, fortunately, we still maintain high growth momentum.

09 summer, A5 Download for large-scale reconstruction, the establishment of the development of the positioning of the 4 columns, we focus on improving the user experience. Core team building, for 09 years after the development of the cornerstone. By the end of 09, the site’s visit was over 4 times higher than in the summer of, and the record is being refreshed every week.

we and 90% of the country’s excellent source manufacturers to establish a cooperative relationship, and the developer’s cooperation so that we benefit a lot. With the support of partners, strong technical reserves and a professional team of editors, we spent half the time to exist on the Internet resources are sorted; perfect submission channel, unique to the critically acclaimed 18 hour rotation online service, ensure that resources editing the validity, accuracy, timeliness, for the first time present efforts of software products in the setting developers need it before the user; administrative supervision mechanism and the regular processing error reporting mechanism, guarantee the error rate is lower than the industry average; all resources by double checking Kabasiji and 360 antivirus, to ensure safe and reliable resources.

in the future, we will continue to deepen the interaction and cooperation between enterprises, personal software developers to provide users with more and better resources in a timely manner.

to build a credible platform for webmasters resources, is the goal of unremitting efforts to download A5.

at the end of 2009, a sudden cold hit China Internet, personal webmaster form by the blow, not too well. However, we think: the front is a dead end, hope in the corner, A5 download and friends together with open arms to greet the new era.

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