Prospective net domain name theft and then issued a statement against the new network.

renamed Chinese ( May 16th – the day before, the prospective network domain name theft may lead to loss of hundreds of millions of events caused concern in the industry, and the new network also issued a statement on the matter yesterday, before looking once again issued a statement, the new network false statement to answer.



statement on the new network, the prospective network said, did not see a trace of apology from the new network statement, there is no lack of responsibility between the lines of speech. And also the prospective network statement on the new network to make a rebuttal.

date for the prospective network "against the new network false statement" micro-blog has been forwarded thousands, comments have thousands, which shows the industry concern on this incident, many netizens also broke new comments on micro-blog network news.

users @ Huainan Wang Fuzi: last February to April, Baidu encyclopedia show new network even continued 8 accidents this year new network vulnerabilities, you still do, so hung family know?

@ _ pain: new loopholes in the network space domain has been hijacked stolen there have been many good


@ Lilith’s hell: because the new network vulnerabilities have been hacked off

@ mirror cpyoq: we have stolen hundreds of domain names, in February 7th, all of the new network, and are the Gao Quanzhong site, now more than 3 months have not come back.

@ Zheng Nannan is male: last year broke the hundreds of thousands of new network domain name management dense code was leaked about the upsilon!

extended reading: new network vulnerabilities caused by prospective network domain name stolen top-level domain taking kick the ball rampant Internet community alert! Prospective network domain name theft or loss of millions

@close A: the famous NGA forum is also black, that is the new network management domain, the new network not only can not solve their own website vulnerabilities, also does not allow NGA to immediately turn to the extreme

, have no shame!

and Ke @ $pin: domain name forum people know that the new network has a huge threat to all security vulnerabilities, the domain name


@ Internet analyst Yu Bin: new network garbage is a //@ electricity daily: free domain name theft, new network technology seems incapable of action, the new network known as the top registrars, technology is no longer the "top".

from the user comments is not difficult to see that the new network has "reputation" is evident, with the accumulation of vulnerability, the future may also appear more disadvantages. "Chinese remind the majority of owners and investors to choose the domain name, select the appropriate domain registrar to avoid unnecessary losses.

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