CNNC clarify query.CN open registration is not for registration fee

people’s daily, Beijing, June (reporter Wei Yan) -.CN domain name since the open registration for natural persons in the year 8, in the industry cited a wave of registration of a surge in. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), deputy director Qi Lin in an interview with the people’s daily response to the question of netizens, said the registration is open for many years has been pushing things, not for the registration fee.

Qi Lin said, in fact, as early as ten years ago, CNNIC and related units has been actively promoting the relevant registration matters open to a natural person, a number of Internet users and social survey research, the formation of multiple copies of the feasibility report, and has been reported to the relevant departments.

, according to Qi Lin, as early as the end of 2009, the amount of registered.CN domain name has reached nearly 14 million, but then the domain name for the protection of real and effective, CNNIC for the verification of the relevant registration information, eventually reduced to about 3000000. "Whether it is a time when registered up to about ten million of the amount was low to about 3000000, we have never stopped fighting for the.CN domain is open to a natural person, so the registration fee is not the problem we consider more non criterion."

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