ntelligent home industry analysis of the development of network promotion methods

is now the rapid development of the Internet, but also on the small and medium enterprises attach importance to this piece of the internet. Thus gave birth to the network to promote this industry, as a new concept of smart home industry in twenty-first Century is no exception, the importance of the Internet is evident. So today for smart home industry analysis, to develop network promotion methods, to share with you.

All kinds of

internet promotion means, then what means to meet the intelligent Home Furnishing industry promotion? I also have access to the Internet promotion for several years, every kind of network promotion are tried, think network promotion method is best to use the following method.

a search engine promotion:

access to the Internet can be directed up to a platform, which is the search engine. The smart home industry is the largest in this field to do a promotion. Search engine promotion fees and free. Charges are called SEM, free of charge called SEO.


as a result of small and medium enterprises for free promotion is not very familiar with most of the charges is to choose the mode of search engine promotion, which is commonly known as SEM. Smart home industry in SEM promotion is very intense, please see the following figure:


SEO Chinese translation (search engine optimization), is a kind of industry as well as key words to optimize planning. The optimization is not only a key, such as smart Home Furnishing industry as an example, the optimization of all keywords, the whole industry of intelligent Home Furnishing segmentation, to assign keywords to each page of the site optimization. A wide range of optimization, and not just for a search engine. All search engines are optimized. As long as there is a search engine to enter the home page, other search engine ranking will not be bad.

compared to the advantages of SEM is free and very directional flow, a wide range of traffic channels. The job needs to be done is not to stare at the keywords ranking and price every day. To do is to update the quality of the website information and website optimization. Daily analysis of key words. For the smart home industry, I would like to recommend the use of SEO search engine optimization.

two, do brand packaging:

smart home industry has developed so far the traditional market is very saturated, you need to do a variety of brand packaging to attract users. In order to achieve marketing objectives. Analysis of the smart home industry, the Internet is still a certain market. WeChat, micro-blog and other popular, information dissemination rate is much higher than traditional channels. So for the smart Home Furnishing industry, do have brand packaging those channels do on the Internet? Through the analysis of my years, Internet brand marketing has many kinds, today mainly introduces several more use of the Internet brand packaging.

1 Baidu’s platform:

Baidu’s search engine

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