Food service chain announced 50 million A+ round of financing for buyers to find the world’s good in

October 10th news, dark horse camp members of enterprises, cross-border food supply chain platform food chain today revealed to I dark horse, the company has completed 50 million yuan A+ round of financing. This round of financing by Kai Fu capital lead investor, capital Guangzhou, feldspar ashlar investment with investment. This is the third time since the establishment of the food chain financing for the past 1 years. The food service chain was obtained in September 2015 dark horse Fund led, Matisse investment Angel round of financing with the cast, and feldspar tens of millions of RMB capital lead investor A round of financing in the same year.

food service chain founder Zhang Song told the I the dark horse, this round of financing will be mainly used for cultivating all aspects of cross-border ingredients on the chain, the relationship between supply and demand by multilateral cross-border ingredients into bilateral service users at the same time, better in the speed of delivery, service and other aspects of experience, make the downstream effect rate becomes higher.

Zhang Song dark horse camp 11 students. Prior to the establishment of the food chain, it has spent three months from the restaurant link to conduct market research. The conclusion is that cross-border food ingredients from overseas to catering service providers really need to improve."

from the end of the restaurant, in the past, the restaurant users need ingredients and can not be timely supply, and the restaurant needs of the food is too long to retain the existence of the problem. A normal supply chain logic is the downstream demand, the source in order to meet the downstream needs to do the corresponding production. But Zhang song found that, after the Chinese restaurant is usually the upper reaches of what the Chinese restaurant on what to sell.

The problem facing

cross-border ingredients is a terminal purchase, although they can play more than a dozen calls to solve the purchase, but always have to face a problem, every day they need more information channels, to inquire about yesterday’s purchase price is reasonable. At the same time, they are concerned about where to buy products with the same quality but lower price yesterday. In addition, the past ingredients to the user’s hand will be a lot of intermediate links, and finally the user received the goods may not know who is the goods, the upstream did not know who the final sale of the goods.

is to see the cross-border transport to the high complexity of China ingredients, and because of information, logistics and other problems of the transaction is not smooth, the problems such as low efficiency, by the end of 2015, focusing on cross-border food supply chain services food service chain was born. Zhang Song food service chain is positioned as a one-stop cross-border fresh electricity supplier platform, and the goal is to find the cheapest ingredients for the world buyers.

we understand the way the market supply and demand, while doing some information with the butt of overseas, to determine the direction of the food chain. Only ensure that the demand driven market is a benign market." Zhang Song said.

in the food chain platform, each batch of exporters, users can be one-to-one correspondence, so that the product can be traced back to the source. What is better, through the food chain service platform, food shopping platform in time when the terminal input need to purchase food, there will be corresponding sufficient information for customer screening from the price of various dimensions, eventually find suitable products and services.

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