Mobile ticketing platform micro ticket son announced a $1 billion 500 million financing

[Abstract] the original shareholders of Tencent, Wanda and so on with the investment, financing, micro ticket market valuation of nearly 10 billion.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) November 17th news, mobile ticketing platform micro ticket today announced the completion of the C round of financing, financing amount of 1 billion 500 million yuan. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing.

"micro ticket" this round of financing by Beijing owned China anhorn Television Cultural Investment Fund collar vote, the Senate voted party including trust fund, GGV capital, southern capital, gopher, Noah’s new hope and a number of fund companies.

micro ticket son of the original shareholders of Tencent, Wanda, gravity with the vote. After financing, micro ticket market valuation of nearly 10 billion.

micro era was founded in 2014, is positioned as a platform for mobile entertainment, entertainment and distribution based on mobile social movies, performances, sports, etc.. Its micro ticket has WeChat wallet movie tickets, QQ wallet movie performance tickets and micro ticket son APP.

"micro ticket" also participated in the investment, "one hundred thousand", "cold jokes," return "Mahatma Rock kingdom", "4 juvenile class", "black cat Sheriff", "nine layer", "demon tower heart labyrinth" and other films, including "king return" at the box office reached 956 million.

"micro ticket" to invest in "Jedi escape", "journey to the west of the Sun Wukong three playing Baigujing", "westward journey 3" and other films will be released successively. In addition, the micro vote also voted cast a wide range of domestic science fiction blockbuster "three body".

in terms of performance and sports, "micro ticket" is also involved in the strawberry Music Festival, the Jazz Festival, music Valley Music Festival, the East China Sea Music Festival, Zhuhai Music Festival, launched the Li Yuchun concert, happy twist, the ice age ice show and other well-known projects ticketing activities to grab votes;

in addition, the micro ticket also launched a strategic cooperation with the window of the sport, to become super, CBA, NBA China’s partners, and the launch of large-scale international events in the field of marketing, ticketing and other depth of cooperation.

at present, the shadow of the era of micro shadow capital has raised the fund size of more than 3 billion yuan, the total capital has entered the first echelon of cultural and recreational funds. Among them, with Noah wealth set up a scale of 2 billion, the shadow of Noah’s cultural industry fund.

lithography capital will also pan entertainment content for the movie show, exhibition, sports in three major areas of investment projects, and according to the original content, production and distribution, marketing venues and so the whole industry chain of equity investment, in-depth layout in the cultural industry.

in the field of original content, micro image of capital to invest in the ring, God in a dream horse culture, shells and other enterprises; in the production, marketing and distribution, the Senate voted to shake, Jun culture and micro enterprises such as

lingsai legend;

studios in the management field, and higher quality than the central investment company; investment of thirteen months in the field of performance, music, animation and other enterprises "meow.

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