What have you heard about making money

went to the secret trick time. Do you hold you spectators, to give you some deep grilled industry insider.

or some speculative ideas.

ahead of time to write some words, I believe you will comment on the use of time. Direct copy, more effort.

"this year idiot too much, not enough ah."


dirge, rough, originally this is also OK?"

good way ah, hurry get

"you know too much in Sao year"


text start.

one, the network brush votes

as the name suggests, is the network voting this kind of promotion, understanding several industries, including two people make me impressed, I called him a fat, but he is very thin. I asked him to spare ribs, but he was very fat, more than 200 pounds.

big company called XXXX network promotion company, focused on Internet voting brush comments and so on, business ability, cooperation of many businesses, x, group x, x, X. Have a pile of water, brush ticket high efficiency, every day busy, a year can earn yiershiwan, the whole family is he able to collapse. Just a little bald.

ribs, the late entry, grew up with his father in the street chess pieces, it is called pork because childhood family was poor, the new year to eat pork, determined to grow up to eat every day, then give yourself a nickname. The first is to give big work, then it alone, there are 20 registered companies, several beautiful woman operator. The first half opened on BMW, has become the industry’s dark horse, and summed up a set of theory, need to brush votes, not vanity is most famous, not poor, or want to be rich, so focus on this type of brush votes, such as I am x hand, voice China x, he will make business initiative, every player is a link to the past, from the auditions, commitment to players, the 10 finalists to ensure, cost 100 thousand, didn’t make a full refund, almost each to participate in the audition he has a link to the past. Then asked me to eat the food stalls on it, waiting for shortlisted players to send money, didn’t make the refund is good, what the middle will do, there will be a total finalists.

also went on to say in the top 10 to ensure that the crown, there is a relationship, can not win the refund, this time, 200 thousand, has begun to ask me to go to the hotel.

according to the memories of the ribs, moved in 12 years, China’s top 10 people, especially good luck, all of a sudden to earn tens of thousands of people in the first place in the past 30 years.

but he couldn’t find that kind of feeling, because tired of eating ribs.


two, lol gaming

this is a very competitive sport

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