God carved marketing password borrow celebrity campaign some people call only flow


oil, God carved sirloin, beaver family Manicure…… What do you rely on to do a brand on a fire?

reporter Zhu Xiaopei Liu Ji photo editor
Hu | Geng Shuang

On September 11, 2014 at

, micro-blog and Zheng Zhu famous five mountains scattered people gathers in carved sirloin, gambling can blind eat a difference with other Yangcheng Lake hairy crab, the five mountains scattered people wrong to even 7 innings defeat. Youku.com a webcast of this "Yuezhan", there are about 300000 people watched the live broadcast, micro-blog read the topic number more than 6 million 500 thousand, netizens to a boil, dubbed the "hairy tear force" and said.

"match" the thing is, God carved sirloin founder God carved. "I have nothing to do with the micro-blog, and I see the two men arguing. Anyway, I know both, I said I came to a group." Then the morning of the second day, the person in charge of Youku came to find God carved said to live in this war. Then, following the "Luo gathers freely king", "second Internet Yuezhan" live birth.

Youku do not take the initiative to find me, I will go to the Sohu or Iqiyi video, with flow up marketing. This is called talent, you will naturally." I said, "I do AFU oil, strictly speaking, is my gift – I will marketing."

is actually God carved his flowers, real name Meng wake. In fact, I was a columnist who smoked the essential oil in a restaurant and started a drama in the Sina micro-blog. He has three hobbies: avant-garde drama, food, electronic products. The essential oil in his hobby was not ranked on the number, but AFU is essential to help him succeed to accumulate wealth, to make God carved sirloin, beaver family Manicure even bought a small theater.

interview the same day, he was wearing black rimmed glasses, wearing a blue T-shirt and dark gray pants, looks and ordinary people do not like two. But behind him, AFU oil, God carved sirloin, beaver family Manicure and a series of loud Internet brand, the brand also has become "God carved maker of explosive products and trends.

in August 2014, the God of his own in the public account of the exposure of the WeChat wrote an internal e-mail "third 1 billion". In which he wrote: AFU in 2013 has reached the investment valuation price 1 billion 200 million yuan; carved sirloin in 2 stores opened after the valuation reached 400 million yuan, now has 8 stores in addition to Xue pan skewers, 2 Pina Bausch afternoon tea and cut the guest clown pancakes, I guess close 1 billion valuations should not be exaggerated; the beaver family B round of financing valuation is close to 1 billion yuan.

billion euros founder Huang Yuanpu think, God carved home Manicure is indeed to do a O2O of the current trend. "If it’s done, it’s really a big business, and the business of millions of artists."

essential oil, and the three Manicure sirloin, did not seem to take the industry by God carved in a twist. "Behind our business layout

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