Mines do not step on the network marketing should also say rules

is believed to have the power of marketing and make more people aware of wine is also afraid of deep alley, a good promotional copy is invisible and great for the promotion of products. Whether based on micro-blog or WeChat, if can make an embedded product ideal copy out, then the construction for its own brand is quite awesome. Look around the marketing case, Google played the family card, a baseball player launched a bucket challenge and become fashionable for a time smile marketing, all of them in the corresponding media blew in the wind, let the brand gained hitherto unknown attention.

you may think this case is too far away, in fact, a good marketing case does not depend entirely on the resources and channels, as long as the new idea and reasonable promotion, we can also textediting. But in the actual operation process, there are always some friends frontsword, blindly follow hot market, and be careless with the marketing process, the frequent mine, the result did not spend less money but is not effective. So this time the problem, the network marketing marketing process in the end what mines do not step on, in the end what is wrong to avoid it?

network marketing should not be a way to go black

in the actual operation of the process, a lot of webmaster friends would like to use today’s popular propaganda tools, such as WeChat. WeChat’s fiery to some extent does help marketers to complete a lot of tasks, but WeChat is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Because the attribute analysis of WeChat circle of friends, you will find that this is the link to establish a friend relationship, marketing and trading are all based on trust, this foundation is also very sensitive and very weak, with the WeChat focus on guidance and communication and is not expected to make explosion. Now the circle of friends in the main business, most beauty products sales promotion plan and some activities, rarely involve other categories, so the release of a signal that is not on the Internet which product is the most suitable for promotion, promotion means or to see their own product attributes to be, but we have to understand that the promotion is steps and techniques, we cannot expect a means of promotion can not only bring us flow can also bring about the conversion rate, we should combine multiple channels together, WeChat is very good, but we are not all resources and energy on the above, should be opposite taking WeChat as a springboard, combined with micro-blog, forum, Q & a platform for joint efforts, after all, each platform function is not the same, we bring the harvest are not the same, Blind channel using a stubborn, stubborn, will only make our way of marketing is more and more narrow.

network marketing should not blindly pursue the fine

may be in the eyes of many people, the highest level of marketing is that you do promotion, but others have not yet realized that this is advertising. This model is good, will not affect the user experience, but it is for you to complete the cycle target obviously lag effect, just as the roots of you and I think of a soup or to slow >

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