How do regional industry websites occupy more search results

work in the medical profession is also more than half a year, mainly responsible for network promotion this piece. Our hospital is located in the city of Guangdong is a small coastal city, the industry is more moderate competition. To the hospital less than a month, on the site to do some related optimization, and our hospital business related keywords are ranked Baidu search results first. Of course, the key words have already included the area name, so it is easy to get a good ranking. Because the city is not what the center position of the floating population is not necessary and national competition those difficult words, even to get good rankings, all the people will not run over medical treatment. Therefore, the selection and our hospital business related to regional keywords as well as the key words to optimize, so that both targeted, optimization is also easier.

for the hospital network promotion, not only to meet the keyword optimization. Of course, if it is a big city, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the competition is more intense in those big cities, it is still difficult to optimize, but we are not the same small cities. Although it is not what the central city, but the population is not a lot, there are several peers in the hospital, even if the other hospitals do not promote the network is very good. As long as the site to keep updated can get good rankings. Even if our hospital search results ranked first, people’s website ranked second third fourth, also can get a good exposure rate. But that’s not what we want.

so we have to use other high weight website of our information, if we can get good rankings, our hospital exposure rate is also higher, if a good ranking can also row in front of other hospitals.

so in the maintenance of good keywords ranking at the same time, to dig more long tail keywords to optimize, but also need high weight website related information to us, to occupy more search results. Give more information about potential patients to our hospital.

I will use Baidu

Post Bar, Baidu know, there are all kinds of blog, classified information website to publish our information, ranking is easy, but generally not long, so this way to continue, often released some new information to replace the old information.

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