Has it stopped updating Baidu share suspected no maintenance

According to the owners of

@ look at GPS map network broke the news: Baidu share may have stopped behind me on QQ to ask the next, mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, micro-blog is not maintained, 2, 3, Post Bar no maintenance, no one document maintenance, 4, no one to solve problems.

as shown in Figure:


this place, almost nobody management, these places I are verified, the last one or micro-blog in July 13, Post Bar is full of rubbish information, document or version 1, and as I looked at the problem Post Bar, is really no reply.

Baidu webmaster platform has been to promote the sharing of Baidu, why is it so good? Perhaps after the development of the plug-in to share the basic need not be maintained, from time to time to take some statistical data to do the analysis.

also friends, bShare, jiathis, and so a series of third party social system has been a long time no update feature. I often write this, I am Enron melancholy, well, tomorrow in the main blog to write detailed points. It’s a deal.

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