58 meters from the bucket part-time independent spin off market for $40 million financing

[Abstract] bucket investment includes 58 meters part-time market, Gao Rong capital, capital of Blue Lake and Wu Xiaoguang and other individual investors.


technology news (Sun Hongchao) November 17th news, the bucket is brand new 58 meters part-time part-time market innovative business launched from the spin independent group said bucket meter part-time chairman and CEO Zhao Shiyong today, the $40 million A round of financing has been completed. Tencent technology can not confirm the amount of financing.

Zhao Shiyong of Tencent technology said: "Doo O2O closed loop mode meters part-time to help job seekers find high-quality part-time job and salary has safeguard; enterprises can ensure the recruitment effect, enhance the efficiency of enterprise employment; the current line team has covered the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City 10."

and Zhao Shiyong said in the financing service to recruit part-time bucket meters will be taken as the core, open cooperation mode and build up human resources services, including training, occupation health examination, part-time service platform, credit insurance, consumer finance, industry research and other components of the talent sharing ecosystem.

58 Market Group Co CEO Yang Haoyong (micro-blog), part-time bucket of rice is a significant market layout of the 58 Group continued to brand innovation strategy, independent spin off and after obtaining financing, will enter the fast track of development.

58 Market Group Co CEO Yao Jinbo (micro-blog) said: "O2O and sharing economy is an important engine of the future China economic transformation. Bucket of rice O2O and shared economic advantage of part-time from both, the future is full of imagination, the market will get 58 powerful resources support group."

bucket meter part-time A round of investment includes 58 market group, Gao Rong capital, capital of Blue Lake 3 institutions and Wu Xiaoguang and other 3 well-known individual investors, which led Party voted for the Gao Rong capital.

survey shows that the current domestic market size of about 500 billion yuan of part-time part-time; potential group number 550 million, the number of social groups over 500 million part-time students, about 50 million people; the number of potential enterprises and businesses in more than 40 million; the lack of market platform service provider talent sharing.

according to reports, 58 part-time business innovation market O2O from birth to independent spin off only three months after the independent spin off quickly enable a new brand of bucket meter part-time, the original brand market position and reach 58 is no longer in use.

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