Video site a new way out Domestic and foreign derivative marketing

video site is the two biggest headache problem: content and profitability, there is content to ensure that the user traffic, and no profit that only the contribution value, no survival value.


since Daddy where hot, homemade play online video will once again put to the upsurge of advertising and marketing.

dad where to go advertising marketing

dad where itself, can be said to have fused the advertisement marketing strategy before the date of the "advanced" series: internal inappropriate fusion in the office party brand advertising (which is almost every moment of self-made drama essential plot, drama of advertising was once let go, probably it is difficult to have a sponsor to the money into advertising), a network video pause in the page business advertising, watch the video at the same time, you can buy advertising entrance children wore with equal products.

where my father went to the outdoor advertising marketing, can be said to have a "type of activity.

Youku homemade drama is Neiwaijianxiu advertising and marketing

June 13th news, Youku launched Youku launched flagship store, and officially settled in Tmall. Driven by curiosity, Enron entered Tmall opened flagship store Youku produced ", which mainly sell all kinds of derivatives, which follow the self-made drama a variety of new gadgets, similar to the various enterprises or small doll is a derivative of Miami animation. Whether the products meet the needs of users in the US and left to the user and the time to do judgment, Enron would like to emphasize that in the ten brands of video, is about (before this kind of video Things seldom seen are strange. has not had the attention), video and I laugh incessantly Enron lament: really has the ad maker fused to a proper extent.

Youku ten brands include: Drama hip-hop Quartet, Miss puff, old boy, never thought, Steamed Buns diaries, qinshiming gun artillery, Zhang box, one hundred thousand joke, financial planning, production, promotion, integrated marketing, broadcast in one, almost every episode of the story at the same time are implanted in the sponsor, this kind of video yields than no advertising video, the reasons are: first, self-made drama about most of the components of social self parody; second, spoof directly understand into advertising, is also a kind of evil, in line with the user acceptance of psychology, while the user did not reject it or laugh or smile.

in addition to clever fusion and advertising (internal drama network drama and advertising integration is always better than soap opera fit a user’s ability to accept higher, stronger), will also Youku video page to suspend access to electricity providers and Youku advertising, more progress, earlier than others is that their direct access business advertising: entrance Youku produced flagship store, which is of course with ALI and Youku shares, are their own resources, of course, to the family a priority.

all kinds of video sites homemade drama popular and profitable

This type of advertising Jianfengchazhen

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