Ofo Dai Wei impact on my business and ofo development of 6 important nodes

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tiger sniffing the v-mobile bicycle, two projects in the second half of 2016 venture capital circles most hot, even facing many problems in operation and maintenance, to solve the last mile problem people travel two bicycle sharing projects or because innovation in the vehicle, use, in a short period of time the rapid growth of the quasi the beast.


from the campus to the mass market in the past 10 months, ofo conducted a round of financing. 10 days ago, the bike sharing platform ofo announced the completion of $130 million C round of financing (including investment announced in September 26th by tens of millions of dollars in C1 round of financing strategy, and announced in October 10th C2 round of financing, the U.S. hedge fund Coatue, millet, Shun capital, CITIC Industrial Investment capital, Jinling, Yuan Jing (Yuri Milner the founder of DST), and Didi, Jingwei, Jinsha River and other early investors with the cast).

ofo is how to do? How to think of the founding team to do this thing, and will decide to do so? And the contact process and drops what story? In October 19th while the core brand of the year student party, Dai Wei first reviewed his full range of business process, the following is his speech.

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network group WeChat spectacular public number (ID:sjwl360).

is happy to share with you here. Today, I would like to give you a brief introduction of the current situation of ofo, and I will share with you some of my stories and feelings in the creation of ofo.

lost five cars in a year or two, found the direction of entrepreneurship

in fact, I am sitting on the bike ofo starting point is very simple, that is, I lost a total of five years in the University of the bike in. In the University, there is no bike, do not ride a bike is very inconvenient, so I took my little partners to consider, how to solve the problem of losing the car.

The beginning of an

solution we think we are very traditional, day turns to night in the school campus around, hoping to catch the thief stealing cars. Later found that this is not reliable, we can not rely on this car back. Then we thought, can not change the way, from the bike itself to consider the solution to this problem. So how to ride, ride hard to solve, it is a problem that we study.

our overall judgment is that the Chinese demand for riding is very large. But we do not want to use the car when you can get a car, of course, not because the car is small, but because we want to use the side of the car with a lock. So we thought, can be like a car, put each bike in a license plate, which is equivalent to each car is marked.

in China, about 400 million of the stock of the bike, plus about 600 million electric vehicles, but these cars are

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