Spit Zhao harem clever text analysis

legend regardless of the major SE have the so-called content for the emperor, the chain for the post." Latent rules. In SEO, where the "post", we estimate and will be regarded as the queen, the queen directly dominate the harem". "Harem" no fire, can do for the country boat firm. This article temporarily put aside the ants, the emperor does not talk, focusing on the harem". Don’t talk about "the emperor", does not mean that "the emperor" is a puppet or even "wife cake ears, can be ignored, at this point, I believe we all know. Note: the definition of the chain is only for the page!]

then, why do harem does not fire it?

statement: the following discussion is ant’s point of view, any similarity is really unfortunate. Reserved links: outbound tourism http://s.tour110.com]

queen; as the queen of the queen, the mother of the world, advertised as the responsibility of the state. It is therefore able to bear this burden, it is necessary to "enough authority, enough qualifications, enough background" can be. The so-called high. Who can take on this responsibility?

Lenovo a glance, Baidu has repeatedly stated "authority" and "value" of the website is a website can be an important factor for good rankings. So, why don’t we take a look at Baidu’s interpretation of its natural products.

a, Encyclopedia: Baidu encyclopedia is an open and free Internet encyclopedia, aims to create a knowledge of all areas, all Internet users to serve the Chinese Encyclopedia of knowledge. Here you can participate in the edit, share your knowledge.

ant interpretation: since Baidu itself as an encyclopedia advertised as an encyclopedia, the natural justice and authority beyond doubt, at least, the weight of Baidu’s own can fully illustrate this point. "Huangpojing praises" mentality, we Chinese are well aware of this, who also can not escape, Baidu too. Of course, there is a point to remind everyone, not all of the Wikipedia entry weight is as high as we imagine. The reason is that a word explanation – user attention.

B, experience: a practical guide to life on the internet. Here, you can find a lot of practical methods to solve the problems encountered in reality, you can also contribute to their own experience so that more people benefit from it.

ant interpretation: Baidu experience such as its own description, is a kind of "life guide". Compared with "Encyclopedia of life" and "Encyclopedia", the authority has a lot of water. As we have what the sister-in-law, "why is the fried eggplant black ah" questions to ask, then sister would give you weapon "my experience is……" This is not, the experience came out. Nature has nothing to do with encyclopedia.

C, know: Baidu is known by the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu R & D, search based >

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