QQ group to promote the solution to the problem

in the last the author issued an article "QQ group: others worry" intimate webmaster, webmasters see comments. Some owners said he always kicked in QQ group promotion; and webmaster said, QQ group promotion is very difficult, to find their own QQ group promotion more difficult, even if found, and out of pocket to join this group.

because QQ group promotion don’t write soft, do not have to spend money to buy links, so the promotion is to promote the economy is the most convenient for the webmaster, many webmaster love choose this way to do their own network promotion. It is because of the way people use more, it led to the webmaster said such a problem. How to solve or avoid such problems? Stationmaster net (www.admin5.com) Wenyang trying to find a suitable own QQ group give advice and suggestions for the owners, the hope can help promote the webmaster can smoothly QQ group.

is to solve the problem of QQ promotion was kicked, in fact, the solution is very simple. Since you do not want others to work for others, then we turn around and make their own QQ group. In fact, it is not easy to build their own QQ group, the group built the future will have to wait for others to add this group. First of all to give rise to an attractive and suitable for their own name, then post in behind, weight of high flow A5 Forum Forum, publishing group information you built, in fact every webmaster want to add a group to promote their own, so your group will be full of people. It can send ads, but don’t always blindly advertisers, or for the promotion of this group do not point to the significance, and each group of people, know what others want, to promote your website.

promotion QQ group to find suitable for their more difficult. On this issue, many webmaster have the same feeling, some webmaster and I always talk about this problem. For the webmaster, QQ group information is not difficult to find, in the webmaster navigation on there are many specially for us to stand built QQ group information, using this information, the webmaster can find all types of QQ group at the same time, also can find some local group, for more convenient Adsense promotion. I don’t want to say much about it.

webmaster is mainly want to try their own QQ group. The "trial" is the process of the need for patience and time. Each QQ group released information is not real, the webmaster to join the group, after a few days of incubation, see news released every day is for their own promotion, look at the activity group is not very high, and then determine whether to promote their own websites in this group, promotion can’t made useless.

the last point is the webmaster to more and some experienced webmaster exchange, they experience more, know the face is wide. As some novice webmaster should humbly and they ask. In the face of a modest newbie webmaster, which predecessors not to give us some help us under this wise remark of an experienced person, new information and provide some help? "

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