How to use marketing tools to promote Taobao

guest make money a lot of people know that I do not say, I am also 09 years began to contact the guest, at present I have used these methods to promote the guest, here mainly introduce to the software oriented and combined with the existing Internet free of charge or tool or platform to promote guest:

1, with a shopping guide articles to earn a huge commission to share, in the use of experience sharing, true and false argument, functional description, said the simple point is the soft Wen promotion method;

2, using the method of the building of the blog, concentrate and share Taobao’s quality products, suitable for classification of products, such as breast category of product promotion, promotion or beauty products, blog station group establishes the classification of products, spend hours updating soft Wen;

3, use the forum to promote the guest signature, registered more than a few women or mothers as the theme of the forum, the cluster of or to the promotion of the nature of the soft


4, here focuses on a low cost promotion methods, is the mail promotion methods, targeted customer groups are QQ users, the mass mailing fee I explored several, I think there is a called business promotion assistant ( of the mass mailing the effect is very good, a few give me a demonstration effect, can also feel, but the price is about 800 yuan, the most cattle can be collected and QQ group members to export the generated email, it’s to improve my target customer groups hit rate, I have calculated that, if the email can make this mail listserv non-stop, a day to send 130 thousand mail, relatively high effectiveness of mail, if their conversion rate can reach 2%, that our website will be greatly improved, the software can collect and export the generated mail QQ group members Bulk mail box, website promotion is now used more in a way that is mainly rely on mass mailing software to complete, I made a survey, there are lots of free email software, but the accuracy of their mailbox and send the completion rate is not very good, a lot of charges of mail good software. I use the two days to do some analysis, using a free email software to do the experiment, in six hours, sent one hundred thousand e-mails, accuracy because the amount is large, there is no way to detailed statistics, according to the proportion, in about 80%, I was a personal website to engage in cooperation and the experiment, in 22 hours we sent a message, the number of sites IP access is 147, that is to say the mail conversion rate is 0.183%, although access volume is not large, but for the first time to do the experiment, I think there are still a lot of harvest. Based on this, I think this is a very good way to send mass e-mail.

in the Tao do want to move the brain, seriously, and working hard, I believe that all items on the Internet will do your results.

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