Alipay dividend period how to grow their own fishing gold

these days you play Alipay group is really busy, many people know how to seize the new Alipay group bonus money fast. Alipay group in the last time I mentioned is very suitable for the relationship value friends, so many big names to the community to Alipay Alipay group funds transfer, indeed let Alipay fire up.

but when we play group is also to consider prospects? Alipay has about 300 million users, that is to say it is one of the 300 million user market. WeChat about 500 million of the users, the first to engage in marketing in WeChat above all we look down on, but also can not see. You will be looked down upon by any new thing. Slowly we realize that this is a piece of treasure they desperately rushed in, they rushed to the time you have on this treasure have the resources or influence, these people come back most will take refuge in you, or to cooperate with you, this is your aspiration of the time the. So now you first Alipay whether it can develop much more most quickly, we need to do is take the user to ring in hand, and selected the valuable user.

if the opening circle of friends really Alipay, then you hand these resources would be even more valuable. According to my experience of Alipay is likely to open the circle of friends, even if you don’t do the circle of friends will do what buyers show a similar circle of friends like these functions. Because there is no such thing as the content of the user’s site is an incomplete social applications, whether it is biased towards the business or social sector is a must do. There is a subscription number, I feel the Alipay will also do this, and let the user to provide content and services to users of the platform, and because WeChat needs to do is to connect, giving you the link. Circle of friends just to connect to the friends, the public number is to allow businesses, media and other fans to connect up the weapon. Allow users to service users, to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people and services. Taobao will pay more attention to the promotion of business services and the subscription number so I feel Alipay is certainly doing.


still has a lot of advantages, because everyone is the real name authentication, so trust above is less than WeChat more energy. There is the use of Alipay has always been a habit of online shopping, online shopping also has some basic. So if these people would sell if the conversion rate will be higher. Alipay and WeChat have done marketing marketing. You must have some resources to play to the extreme, the first step is to find the marketing object, so the first thing you need to do is to increase, now Alipay has not limited number of people per day (now 500 people per day) when quickly put this resources to set up.

is to build another group, free group does not recommend that we build, even if it is a waste of time to build. Because we are in desperately pull period into the group is advertising, you have no way to maintain a normal communication group. Unless enter >

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