Google 2 days included in the movie station page 1000 method

day before I accidentally found that the use of Google can also get a lot of traffic! No worse than Baidu! After repeatedly confirmed finally confirmed! Make the movie station to thank me! We all know that movie station sites are PV high death relative IP is less than 1/10 PV this movie station! Find a lot! How do we change it? The most direct method is the fastest use of search engines to IP! Everybody knows! The search engine is using keywords to flow. We should pay attention to not only the keyword keyword and a the most is the site of the day before the new program! I bought a corn to test website speed! Began to take the movie station program, is the HTM page! But several days are nothing! I was depressed..

            then I wanted to replace HTM if ASP will come on, so I changed the maize website into ASP did not think Google 1 days I received my watch and received immediately optimization of several key words at second days the website IP300+PV1500+ cool. All Google! I website now! We can see! The use of search keywords and program in Google fierce take IP 1 months IP tens of thousands of simple dead feeling now! Make the movie station friends refuel! Observe search habits, you will be surprised


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