Website promotion strategy

1, related sites. The basic idea of the promotion strategy is worth learning, as long as the rational use of the relationship between the associated sites in the actual application, do not make it a false website traffic tools. The role of the associated website is manifested in three aspects: increasing the chances of being found in the search results of the search engine, the focus of the promotion of individual products, and the advantages of the links between related websites.

2, with e-books as a marketing tool. Electronic books is one of the information content that users often search on the Internet, and valuable e-books can get the attention of users.

3, viral marketing. As an effective way to promote the website, viral marketing can have many different forms. The era of marketing promotion case is the e-book as viral marketing tools, the most important work in the promotion process is e-book content translation, annotation and e-book production, after these basic tasks, almost never get into any resources for further promotion.

4, the use of external information resources to increase the content of the site. The way to increase the content of the website can be considered from the two aspects of internal and external resources. To borrow the information from other websites to promote, still need to rely on search engines, so strictly speaking, this is still a specific application of search engine promotion methods.

5, the use of existing resources to increase the content of the site. We can often see some enterprise website page, some pictures or FLASH animation, little or no text information, text information in web pages, some contents are too simple, dynamic web page search engine to form and may be hard to find, and so on for problems through packaging optimization and rational expansion of the existing site resources to increase the number of web pages, improve the exposure effect. A web page, as long as contains a valid keyword, then the search results in more than once users find opportunities, from this perspective, content rich website has more advantages in the promotion, but it is not every site has a lot of content, especially the content of interest to the user, so it is lack of content this situation, especially in many small and medium sized websites, as if in addition to the company profile, product introduction, no other content can be released. In fact, this is not the case, as long as the intentions of the study, there will always be some ways to improve this situation, so that the content of the site to increase, so as to gain advantage.

6, the use of site evaluation and ranking. As a means of brand promotion, the traditional industry ranking has also been the general attention and recognition of enterprises, such as a variety of product quality evaluation, market share, well-known trademarks, etc.. This can expand the visibility of the site to attract new users, improve credibility.

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