On the tip of the Taobao marketing and instantly create explosion of pros and cons

this article is by personally experienced one, said Taobao is difficult to do, it seems to be only relative, because people do not really think too hard, we immediately entered the night of December 20th, suddenly saw the group raged that seems have a store to the wrong price of commodities see below, if the commodity, the price is 29.9 yuan and shipping, with consumer protection, you will not hesitate to buy.

below is my purchase record


if you feel like you’re making a profit, then you’re wrong. After the purchase you will find the original transaction into a snapshot of the goods, and the price of the snapshot is 299.


we’ll analyze the mode of marketing, first issued a commodity, the price is very low, but with the real price difference, the decimal point position error as a publicity stunt, this year’s total (the decimal point wrong Gang, the China children’s charity rescue fund will be a decimal point out more than and 40 billion. What is your little Taobao seller. The wrong point on the wrong point, when there is something to say back complaint. ) to some QQ group made good merchandise, publicity is the wrong point stores like the decimal point, because of consumer protection, we feel that he did not dare to delivery. To buy is to earn.

seller is the use of everyone to do not understand the consumer protection to the Taobao consumer protection, and not to buy as the applicable standards, but in the transaction was established based on Application of consumer protection, that is to say, if you buy, the buyer delivery, then the transaction is not established, so there is no way talking about consumer protection compensation, then here is the store to take off, want to hang directly on the purchase of a certain number of how many days the number of days after delivery, not satisfied with the goods or refund, pull the black….. Store the reason to do so is to make you think that the delivery within the foreseeable future, there are a lot of people think that automatically to the seller’s account number of days of money payment, actually this is wrong. If the seller does not ship, then the money would have been on the Alipay side. I’m not going to the store. Because the deal has not been established. I am also a special phone call Taobao customer service to get the reply. It is very true to understand Taobao stores.

Then we look at the

if you are a buyer, how to safeguard their rights, if you think this is just a marketing tool, you can refund, because it is very clear that you are receiving goods, unless the seller or the kindness he is really a good. The odds are the same as the chances of a lottery in your life. If you think that this store is very hateful, then you can wait for him after the agreed time and ask again send delivery, delivery will refund it, must want to ask him what time of delivery, if he can not answer. To prove that you are a real deal. After the refund of the choice of complaints, a large number of complaints can be closed shop, this time

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