Analysis of hype in website promotion

nowadays the most popular topic is nothing more than Google’s exit from China, but a deeper look into, anyone will see some clues. As everyone knows, Google in the China share has been overtake Baidu, Google do during China government kept the pressure, the really enough to lead Google out of Chinese? If you are Google, you will in this case opt out? It will not quit, whether Google’s move is for what. Yes, it is in commercial speculation, and, as a result of this speculation has brought huge commercial profits and attention.

world search giant still need to rely on speculation to get attention, then how should we hype it?.

one. Seize the opportunity. This Google do quite well, after Baidu black announced the news of the exit, imagine what will bring Google out of Chinese, because he caught this, so it made a successful speculation. To see the hype about the entertainment news as one falls, another rises can, why they tested, because they seize the opportunity.

two. Identify points of concern. In the webmaster forums everywhere on the left behind, A5 is limited, some within new webmaster forum posts, these people but also with concern the link webmaster speculation own speculation to achieve the purpose of the forum, so find concerns is very important.

There are many methods of

speculation, we can use the entertainment business circle and other successful examples to give to their own site for speculation, it can get the chain a lot of resources, can give your website to bring a lot of traffic, speculation and success, see if you grasp the point.

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