The PR value more than 8 Chinese website summary

          recently do not know what to write good articles, suddenly thought of the recent googlePR value big update, I came to the statistics of how many Chinese websites have more than PR7 website. When you give yourself a long experience, but also to share with you. Just spent more than 2 hours of collection, found more than more than and 100 PR7 sites. This article first to share with you more than PR8 which web site.

        see chart: 25 PR8 above site

site name PR website address site type filing Center 9 government Chinese education and research computer network 8 8 government of the people’s Government of the Ministry of education of the government portal website 8 Government Ministry of science and technology 8 8 Government Ministry of Commerce Government Ministry of human resources and social security administration 8 Zhongguancun 8 8 Apple hardware Baidu search Apple 8 8 brand Sohu portal 8 Google 8 search portal Chinese 8 media CCTV 8 media Chinese Reuters network 8 8 Chinese media media Guangming Daily 8 media Internet Weekly 8 media Tsinghua University 8 tsinghua.e College of Peking University College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University 8 8 8 University College of Fudan University Nanjing University 8 8

University College of Xi’an Jiao Tong University


            after more than 2 hours of effort, found more than more than and 100 PR7 sites, and then singled out more than 25 PR8 sites. Through the table we can find. More than PR8 of the site is mainly universities, media, government 3 types of web based, because these with the official background of the site, some sites will take the initiative to link. For example, the PR9 filing center, each record site

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