Publicity in the invisible so that your publicity is not easy to receive the utilitarian

with the merger and reorganization of the telecommunications network, in our county, when the dust settles, they have not yet seen signs of construction of local information port. So I feel like I have another chance. If early before they do it, even if they could do to follow up in the local occupy a space for one person First impressions are strongest, portals. So I quickly sized up the situation where Hong Kong made out of frame.

but now due to various characteristics of site diversion, and Internet users age to a younger age (not too concerned about the home network construction) in the promotion of the early stage is undoubtedly difficult.

but the revision of the construction of 2 weeks, was found to increase the number of visits exponentially growing. And friends will continue to talk about some of their own ideas and practices.

propaganda invisible:

is now in a number of Q groups, such as unauthorized release of network groups to promote some of the information, if not in this group or group of considerable prestige. So it is easy to encounter embarrassment, because on the Internet, we are free and unconstrained, especially with the age of Internet users gradually become smaller. Freely and some remarks tend to make it difficult for some people to step down. This promotion has to pay attention to avoid some people to see a naked propaganda, the effect is naturally much better.

learn a few Q group plan for the Spring Festival organized to meet friends, they immediately made contact and related personnel (after all in the home network mix several years and I also do computer business entities, these people are mostly acquaintances, some little brother) as soon as they made a small online registration page – Hey nature is hanging in own domain, but it do good ah – so several group announcement for my site spontaneous do open advertising.

With the

line: they promised to free printing mail list (natural and ultimately add their own site and computer information, these for me is very little pay, but the natural effect is self-evident)

sync up, my plan is directly involved, but there is a temporary thing no way, had to ask 2 friends familiar with do records, photography and so on data acquisition, and other activities to do a special end for everyone.

the whole process down, I almost nothing to pay, but not only to participate in the activities of the users of the support, but did not participate in the event is more concerned about the whole thing users. They even talked about this matter in the Q group post bar, and I started the first information, that is, they cited my information and pictures for the most. Since the establishment of the station’s first popular landing.

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