The whale founder Chen Ge then start from the music why intelligent hardware starting

Chen Ge said that the choice of business intelligence hardware is very normal. When Jobs returned to apple, the choice is iPod with itunes. Wearable devices and the trend, it is possible to start from the music wearable devices.


well-known legitimate music sites already stranded, whale whale founder Chen Ge did not stop the pace of entrepreneurship. Chen Ge has started the two venture, the starting point of the music to the wearable device.

The new company

Chen Ge called star poly technology, has received tens of millions of dollars of investment, shareholders include radium angel fund, Changzhou Li Excellence Fund, Changzhou property rights exchange, and was part of the Changzhou government subsidies.

star poly technology will push smart headset and "Star" application network. According to Chen Ge’s plan, the star poly technology headphones and applications will cooperate with domestic well-known stars, the economic benefits of the economic benefits obtained by the star fans, and stars to achieve sales.

star poly technology to follow the Beats headset mode. Beats headphones in order to achieve the design and sound effects of young users, the star effect makes the beats into the headphones tide brand, its sales of not less than AKG, Sennheiser and other veteran headphone manufacturers. Star poly science and technology as the starting point for the new star musicians cooperation and services in the mobile Internet era to establish a profit model.

in the view of Chen Ge, the young people love to buy mobile music hardware, bought 220 million sets of SONY bought Walkman; 470 million iPod; 1 billion dollars a year to buy Beats headset, once the mobile music network hardware could have enormous influence of subversion.

why start from the smart headset

Why does

get involved in the market Chen Ge said that from the headset? Apple store in Sanlitun to sell electronic mall, copycat, where electronic products are selling fake Beats Beats headset, including headset, as the industry chain in Chinese fake Beats headset. China last year, sales of 900 million headphones, high-end headphones Beats, B&, O, Sennheiser and other market share accounted for about 23%.

to the United States, for example, Beats these high-end headphones generally occupy 67% market share, become fashionable, like iPod, children will buy. Headphone brand Skullcandy occupy 60% market share in Europe, also listed in 2011. Although these high-end headphones generally in the price of more than 800 yuan, but the market is very hot, good growth trend.

to build a network of headphones do not have too many difficulties. Intelligent networking headset technology has matured, such as apple in 2003 to do just the same as the integration of iPod innovation, poly technology with Beats business model is similar, mainly for star fans users. Star poly headset technology using Android system, 4G storage function, you can put >

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