1 shop to buy a new phone accused of non original factory

Mr. Zhao bought a mobile phone in the No. 1 store, in a few months later, suddenly black screen mobile phone can not boot, had to go to repair. This practice does not matter, open the machine after the Engineers actually told Mr. Zhao is not the original mobile phone factory machine, not only screws are missing, even the seal is not original. On this matter, shop No. 1, said the mobile phone purchase channels normal, which will be investigated which link problems. Lawyers said, according to the existing evidence of business behavior has been suspected of fraud.

mobile phone repair was measured as a "non guaranteed machine"

, according to Mr. Zhao consumers readme, he in June 9, 2015 at shop No. 1 to spend 998 yuan to buy a 1 store by the proprietary HUAWEI P6 mobile phone to the family, in November of this year, "the family said mobile phone a few months ago on the bad, I have found that the machine can not, do not charge into the electricity".

November 28th, Mr. Zhao took the mobile phone to Qinghe customer service maintenance engineer, open the mobile phone after telling him that "before the mobile phone is opened, the mobile phone screws are not the same, there are some obvious scratches on the surface of the device. According to regulations, this situation can not guarantee, "Mr. Zhao said shocked, don’t buy a refurbished machines? Please customer service engineer so he issued a single detection. The reporter saw in the detection of single Mr. Zhao provides, "by the engineer to disassemble detection, tamper with damage, the lack of a screw and the specifications are not unified, identification of the machine is not warranty machine".

several times over the merchant said, regardless of the

Zhao to get a single test, he immediately call the customer service number 1, explained the situation, and the detection of single material sent to the specified mailbox. Since then, No. 1 sent a text message, said he has been dealing with the problem of feedback phone. Said that due to the long time to buy the phone, they can not determine whether the phone is open, so it will not be any treatment." This answer led to dissatisfaction with Mr. Zhao, for which he repeatedly call customer service complaints, the results are still the same, let me change a place to repair, they ignore."

Zhao said that he also asked his family if the phone to take the phone to go to a private repair shop repair, the family said that the phone has been broken in the home, and never moved. "I ran the maintenance point opened two times, played a lot of phone calls, the problem can not be solved, I really have no way." Mr. Zhao said helplessly.

– 1 store in response to

mobile phone channels need to investigate regular

reporter yesterday contacted Shop No. 1, the staff said, after investigation, the goods supplier has a complete proof of authorization, regular and reliable source of goods. "The mobile phone products, we strictly in accordance with the" three packs "method and the new consumer law provisions, provide warranty service. But if users’ can be returned within 7 days, 15 days can be a replacement. In addition to the warranty period will need to find problems, issued by the manufacturers customer service service center inspection report, and processing according to the manufacturer, currently for the detection of single described as "non insurance" issues still need to be investigated, "

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