The 618 made their own double 11, Jingdong engage in this big promotion of the 20 day

you may have been on the roadside to see Nicholas Tse, Li Na, Liu Qiangdong big billboard, which is to celebrate the 12 anniversary of the launch of the Jingdong.

in Tmall created a double 11 shopping carnival, other electricity supplier brands also want to create their own main battlefield, for Jingdong, this time is "618" (June 18th).

but in order to attract more users, and disperse the peak pressure, the Jingdong’s "618" promotion is usually last a week, but this year, the Jingdong will put promotional activities stretched to 20 days, from June 1st to June 20th, to participate in promotional business sector includes global direct supply, intelligent life, finance, mobile social network and all the people entertainment, convenient 6 plates.


group chief marketing officer Lanye said at the press conference, the Jingdong "618" hope from pure discount price promotion carnival for shopping, social networking and entertainment for the whole people. Therefore, in addition to the promotion of Jingdong mall, Jingdong group’s all business this year will be involved in the 618, especially in this year’s focus on the layout of the global purchase, Jingdong home and other services. Social aspects, based on the new features of WeChat’s social relationships chain shopping circle has been on the line, pat merchants will also be settled in the mobile phone QQ electricity supplier shopping".

a few years ago, Jingdong had explained to do 618 in mind: we need to have a similar Jingdong ‘double’ so that their own online shopping festival. At this stage, the price war is still the best way to promote electricity supplier to attract popularity."

last year, 618, the same day, the world’s single volume grew by more than 100% Jingdong, Jingdong mobile client downloads also rose to App Store China free list on the same day the list. But Jingdong did not announce 2013, two years of "618" sales data.

every year in June has also become the season of home appliance manufacturers melee. Over the past few years,, Dangdang, Amazon, easy fast China, shop No. 1, Gome online have been launched in June years to promote activities, become a "double 11" in addition to another business battlefield.

‘s biggest rivals, Taobao and Tmall, are no exception. In 2013, Taobao has also joined the ranks of years to promote, but also challenge the like election day in June 18th. Also, Taobao marketing department only, digital home appliances, home improvement 3 venue, to avoid its dominance of non standard categories (such as clothing), in the standard category directly competing with the Jingdong. Some businesses revealed that Taobao has warned them not to participate in the activities of the Jingdong in June, otherwise the double 11 will not play.

Behind the promotion of

, the electricity supplier market competition. IResearch published in 2015 Q1 online shopping related data show that

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