The thunder has come the end alliance continue to default owners Commission

many users once again reflect the thunder alliance defaults on their commissions. In December 2008, 19 Japanese stations reported that the thunder union official statement after the arrears to be paid in full in December.

I found that in the thunder union Settlement Board ( Fid=17), the thunder alliance blame the commission can be found everywhere. Thunderbolt alliance user "spark" and "create new styles" and "JmBaiHacker" on November and December 2008 in thunder Union Commission expressed surprise.



union official explained that this is because the thunder alliance is a new line of new channel in the financial settlement soon, there will be some mistakes, and said the Commission arrears will complete the settlement in the middle of this month. Thunder company due to year-end financial commission led to a delay in the payment of the board, the thunder company to ensure the full payment of arrears in December.

current 2009 has entered the more than and 10 day, according to the user’s reflection, the thunder Union did not honor the previous statement. Many users are even worried that the previous stage of the settlement of the Commission may be after the spring festival.

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              the latest news from the thunder Alliance:

                            thunder November Commission has been fully issued today. You can check whether the account in the next two days to arrive, refund information to be announced tomorrow, please continue to pay attention to the forum. December Commission and other refunds will be processed after the return of information in November.

                                  fid=17& details: Tid=11267& u=1              nbsp;     &nb>

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