Electricity supplier whitewashing Brush presence or what

advertising may be a prelude to corporate strategy, advertising may also be a misreading of the enterprise.

Jingdong and Ali’s two whitewashing advertising, caused about whether the two major electricity supplier giants to enter the rural market speculation, is a prelude to

or misunderstanding?

to enter the rural electricity supplier market?

electricity supplier originated in the city, which is no doubt. Jingdong in Beijing, Ali in Hangzhou, Tencent in Shenzhen, a large group of electricity providers in Shanghai, if these mainstream electricity supplier into a line, almost occupy the first tier cities in china. Not only the electricity supplier chiefs who are in the city, their base is also in the city. Because the city can provide electricity supplier to achieve everything. All of the production facilities and the huge capacity of the consumer groups, there is an excellent foundation facilities. Infrastructure + suppliers + online shoppers, which is the basis of the existence of electricity supplier. This is the basis of the three big, the countryside has it?

first said electricity supplier infrastructure. This is a content including many roads, logistics, telecommunications, mobile internet speed, hardware, hardware and so on, the infrastructure construction, the electricity supplier is clearly incapable of action, even the government is incapable of action, need is the real needs of the market. At least, at present, we have not seen the majority of rural electricity supplier to improve the real needs of the infrastructure. There is no denying that over the past ten or twenty years, rural infrastructure has been greatly improved, and a lot of places with logistics, network, etc., but there are people with a great difference. A dress of 20 yuan, postage 10 yuan, would you like to

online shopping?

followed by suppliers. I believe that an area can not rely solely on the supply of goods can be prosperous electricity supplier, but also the need for electricity supplier boom need to have a. Hangzhou is a leading electricity supplier in the city, its online shopping consumption and electricity supplier is also engaged in leading suppliers. The same goes for Beijing. What can the rural supply of vegetables?. Only this. So, many business platform to enter the rural electricity supplier in the field of the vegetables. However, the lack of demand, will not lead to the prosperity of supply.

finally said online shoppers. Compared with the city, the level of per capita consumption in rural areas is a big difference, which is bound to determine the amount of rural online shopping transactions will not be too large. Secondly, the quality of rural consumption than the city a big difference, which will inevitably lead to online shopping product quality is not high. However, in the B2C electricity supplier has become the trend of the moment, the secondary market has been shrinking supply of goods.

to sum up, to enter the rural electricity supplier, the problem is much more difficult than.

so, whether can thus be that rural electricity supplier is not the Arabian Nights?.

The future of rural electricity supplier


I think that the future of rural electricity providers, there are several directions worth trying:

first, B2B mode precedes other modes. From the history of China’s electricity supplier development, B2B mode is the first mature electricity supplier model. At that time, the factory product price is low, lack of electricity supplier talent, factories everywhere is >

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