Talking about electronic and business of electronic commerce

e-commerce is an industry in recent years, more fire, which is an issue of companies and individuals to talk about more, I think this is the leading e-commerce and Alibaba and Taobao’s influence is a relationship, as well as their founder, with many years China venture called the godfather of Ma Yun’s hard work is inseparable. Why is the electronic commerce in the Internet industry as a branch alone, I think there is a very important reason, is that e-commerce is the combination of electronic "and" business ", before also saw analysis on this concept, I think it is justified, the article refers to appear in many enterprises still more inclined to electronics, rather than business, what do you mean by that? What is the significance? What are the different? In my opinion, I think that this concept is very necessary and very meaningful, mainly in the following points:

one, how to define electronic and business

you may think that this is a very easy to define the concept of electronic is the site, ah, business is the source of goods, trading, mailing ah. Yes, it can be understood in a broad sense. But I don’t think it’s enough to make a distinction between the content and the content. If we are from the electronic and commercial enterprises in the cost of energy and cost, time and efficiency, personnel allocation and other specific issues, it may be an extremely large content. For example, we should spend much time, how much money for website development, promotion, how much, how much energy for staff to find sources, communication and collaboration, and how to coordinate a series of problems with transportation, trading, customer service, safety etc.. I personally think that we should put more time and energy for " business; ", specifically, is to solve the supply, brand alliance, communication and collaboration, profit distribution, logistics, trade, security and integrity, customer service and the bias in the traditional industry, and the traditional business contact behavior more closely.

two, website cost and technology

you may think that I emphasize the importance of e-commerce, it is not the case. You must have this experience, to open a shopping site, the first impression is roughly determine whether you need it at some sites, again, you may look off the decision to close, and some sites, you look still want to look at several impulse, however after reading a few pages and no interest, only a few of the website you see want to see, with attention, from time to time under the. I think many aspects of the overall design, and the user experience of the website, the beautiful pictures of goods are closely related, of course, in this regard is to spend a lot of time and effort to improve, and I still think that these should be placed in front of the business after. But the website development costs, because of the application of many open or semi open source program, making the development of website should be a lot easier, but also increased the competition and development, application and modify the site easy doesn’t mean you can easily, there are many.

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