Net wine and wine boss signed a strategic cooperation LETV ecological wine at East China

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network network signed a strategic cooperation LETV wine and wine at East China

ecological boss

October 19th, the wine industry Zaibao major news. The music as its ecological wine enterprises network network and Shanghai wine boss signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will carry out in-depth strategic cooperation in many aspects of product, brand, channel, membership, and other operations to achieve online ecological integration integration, the common roots in Shanghai as the core of East China market. The industry believes that this is a significant strategic action after the network network landing three new board, or both will open up new ecological fusion O2O model.

"and previous single capital wine industry mergers and acquisitions and business cooperation, ecological business model and ecological resources network network, with the obvious advantages of wine boss line chain integration mode in multiple dimensions, achieving a strong complementarity, the wine boss into a huge ecosystem in letv." LETV holding vice chairman Li Rui said, network network CEO.

at the product level, the two sides will integrate the core star products and upstream supply chain resources, to create a competitive product portfolio and supply service system. It is understood that the main wine boss wine, beer, liquor, Yellow Wine category, has a strong resources in the upstream industry chain, and the French wine cellar, Germany in Bavaria gold manufacturers, China Yellow Wine well-known brand Guyue Longshan, Ukraine hat, Kuaijishan have maintained close relations of cooperation. The strategy of supply chain core resources in hand, wine boss control will be incorporated into the music as ecological wine, wine will be imported from the Wine network mainly extended to the whole category, Wine liquor, Yellow Wine. The insider said, the global network network Wine area hinterland 16 countries upstream resources, can also be shared with wine boss.

at the same time, the two sides will realize the mutual infiltration and open up channels: global brands and products of its own high-quality core network network owns all the wine will sink to the boss of the franchise stores, wine boss’s main liquor, Wine, Yellow Wine and other core products will also be stationed in network network B2C platform. Wine boss more than and 100 retail chains for the community store, years of deep to create a strong user stickiness, helps to develop network network in East China market." Wine boss founder Ma Guomin said.

in addition, the two sides will strengthen brand cooperation, integration of brand value to form a unified "wine boss – Shanghai cooperation network network shop" visual identification system. At the same time, members of cooperation, cooperation in operation are also the first wine industry. The two sides through the membership system, the management system to open up, the user will achieve online and offline diversion, as well as standardization of services and operations, fine management. This is a new eco O2O model, Shanghai area users can online orders, drinks wine line boss community store nearest distribution, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of wine experience. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the wine boss in Shanghai will open 300 stores, to reach every one of the 2 km store, with a variety of ecological service experience to enlarge the value of the user.

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