Summarize the effect and contrast of various marketing methods of network marketing


network marketing methods, effect how? What are the good promotion methods, which promotion method is suitable for you? I have engaged in this occupation of network marketing has been 6 years now, I summarize the effect and compare various promotion methods on network marketing, to share with you:

oriented search engine promotion

1 bidding (Baidu, Google, 360). This network promotion method can be said that I do network promotion, the best effect of a promotion. From the account to profit, only 2 months time, if the master bidding method of operation and customer service awesome words, 1 months you money! This is Baidu Google 360 powerful promotion for payment. But it also has a drawback, is to spend money, every day you can clearly see the money in your account in a little bit of spending. However, compared to you do portal news, newspaper ads, TV ads, subway bus advertising to be more cost-effective.

2.SEO website optimization (Baidu Google 360 natural ranking). This promotion is once the site keywords ranking up, do not have to spend money on the search engine, so every day there is an order to consult, save a large number of promotional fees paid to promote. But this promotion method has a characteristic, time consuming, not like pay promotion so fast, this is certain. Specific how time-consuming, which is mainly based on the keyword heat that Baidu index, search volume and competition to decide.

3 other third party website promotion rankings. The third party website ranking well with Baidu’s own platform such as Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu, Baidu know Post Bar library, Baidu experience, soso and Wikipedia, Soso Ask, in addition the B2B high weight website qinjiayuan, HC, 1688, classified information website such as 58 city and Ganji, people network…… And so on is not their official website ranking, ranking is not a search engine. This kind of website promotion effect is still possible, but he also needs a long time to release the high quality of the article, it is easy to get the opportunity to home page. Some of the promoters only when it is SEO outside the chain release platform, included, the quality of the article may not be so demanding.

for portal and news website promotion

1 media public relations and news release. If you choose a large site, high cost, such as Sina, NetEase, and your industry counterparts and news website. If the weight is low, not well-known small media sites on the low cost. This promotion has 2 purposes, first, in order to word of mouth marketing, the two is to increase the quality of the site chain, thereby improving their website ranking. Not long ago in the medical profession is used more.

2 hard ad. Put an ad in the news or portal. This method is not expensive, the effect is not ideal. It’s best not to invest in companies that don’t have a lot of money.

oriented social network promotion

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