The spread of topic advertising

      the topic of advertising through the design, planning topics, causing public opinion, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising communication. It is an important means to attract the attention of audience resources limited, multi-level communication through opinion leaders, as well as clever agenda setting, the formation of the general public communication activities do not have affinity and communication effect, in this sense, the topic is the core of creative advertising.

      first, the topic advertisement is an important means for the attention

      in the advertising world disaster caused by flooding water, attention means economic interests. Attention economy is the inevitable product of the information age. Topic based advertising is a significant amount of attention, it is an important means for the audience’s limited attention resources. Once the topic of advertising, causing public opinion, you can stand out in a large number of information, become the focus of attention of others. Topic is a kind of attention. Topic of strong advertising, its communication effect is high. The expression of attention is the content of people’s interest, hobby, desire, care and so on. Therefore, to capture people’s attention, the key is to pay attention to people’s wishes, tendencies, feelings, desires, and so these are not easy to be aware of things. This requires the creation and implementation of advertising, not only in the form of innovation, but also on the content to be a breakthrough.

      two, topic advertising is the process of multistage communication

      topic advertising is a multistage process. He first through various media, various activities, spread to a large group of opinion leaders, and by these opinion leaders spread to more audience, and the audience further convey to a wider audience, so as to achieve mass communication has no effect. It is a process of gradual diffusion and gradual infiltration, which is the influence of opinion leaders and interpersonal communication.

      advertising in the mass media, the advertiser in order to promote the sale of goods by paying for the layout or time to spread to consumers. In this way, in the minds of consumers, there is always a certain alert psychology, so that the mass media can not achieve the purpose of advertising. Therefore, in the advertising communication, the role played by the interpersonal communication is not to be ignored. According to the American scholar Roloff’s view, interpersonal communication exists as social exchange way, namely "in a relationship of both parties to provide mutual consultation resources or symbolic exchange resources transfer process". Interpersonal communication plays a more and more important role in the process of consumer decision making. Interpersonal communication in the relationship between the two styles, such as family, friends and other reference groups, making the two sides in the concept, culture, opinion and value judgments have some similarities

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