Why the nternet entrepreneurs die so fast

overnight talking about entrepreneurship, more and more friends do not want to do in the company, and even many college students simply do not want to enter the company. One way: I want to start a business. North Canton deep situation is not very clear, guardian yuan Kun found in Wuhan such a company every day, every day off.

Why is

business? Many people will give many seemingly tall reasons: free time, work freedom, financial freedom, that is not constrained, being your own boss, make more money, anyway, as long as their own business, immediately became rich handsome, as CEO, is about to marry white Formica to the peak of life. Is this really the case? I believe the true entrepreneurial friends knew that entrepreneurship is up earlier than chicken, do more than cattle, eat worse than pig every day, also working so hard to make money. This time period may be a year or so, it may be for three or five years or longer.


for today’s popular Internet venture, a lot of friends Tucao, a group of people who can not find a job there to seek comfort, entrepreneurship, like employment. Let’s look at the majority of Internet startups are basically the following categories:

a newly graduated college student. This kind of people just graduated from the school did not want to find a job, or can not find a satisfactory job. Think the Internet is a good business, how tall. Of course, some of them during the university has been in the business, many small business (or sellers to do business?


two, the enterprise is difficult to break through a group of people. Some friends because no relationships, no ability is too strong, the current in the enterprise is suspended in midair state, with ten people hands, can also feel like entrepreneurship.

three, a group of enterprises with special abilities. Many elite because of corporate culture, but because of a bad boss left. Because there are so many bosses exist, so have a special ability of a group of business elite decided to come out and do it yourself.

four, business partners out of business. There are many big enterprises, each partner has their own core business ability, to master a lot of resources, then the respective operation situation to disband.

we know why entrepreneurs should also see what people in the business, see the Internet theirentrepreneurship, why internet entrepreneurs die so fast? Guard against such problems, Kunming express their views.

for newly graduated college students, this group of people to tell the truth no contacts, no money, no resources, can be said to be a blank sheet of paper. Because I have a competitor, so start, finally can survive as can be imagined.

for the enterprise is difficult to break through a group of people, this kind of crowd because there are enterprise resources in there, so their business can still be better development. When they come out of business, the enterprise can not use this piece of resources, their own slowly on the subject. < >

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