Phoenix new domain name behind the brand marketing strategy

is the cup 08-09 and the seventh China outstanding marketing award event held recently in Beijing, Phoenix Financial full coverage. The following is the China B2B Research Center was informed of the phoenix new media market and public relations director, Ms. Luo speech content:

Luo: Good afternoon, thank you very much for the economic observer and the judges to give us this opportunity to introduce new media. First talk about the phoenix new media past life this body, second is our case, the third is some of the results of the stage. is in 98 years was founded in June, the Phoenix Group diversified media layout, was the Phoenix’s official website, to 06 years in June, China Mobile shares of the Phoenix Group, Phoenix Group determined to from new media layout transformation.

this time the positioning of all white-collar, Internet and mobile phone users, including college students. A ship model of cross media, later found that there is a problem, the domain name is not in conformity with the rules of pronunciation, as a web site, domain name is equivalent to the number, the first action is the domain name to the audience can accept memory, collecting more than 1 thousand domain names, probably chose several domain names to This is a promo we ifeng! Here we had a domain name release, why choose this ifeng domain name, from promotion into the Phoenix, Phoenix Phoenix, love the Internet, it is convenient the concept of memory.

phoenix new media after 06 years on the line, the first platform for cross media communication, our company also has its own internal character of the 16 word policy, the Chinese feelings, a global vision, compatible with the open, progressive forces. Now our core business is based on, platform two is a cable, a radio, and to the three major business consulting, network video and wireless Internet, audience survey is the first 09 years of published data, currently in the news vertical portal access to the first volume, the volume of the top three comprehensive portal access month, covering 66 million, 10020 household income, daily PV1.5 billion, high-end mobile phone users daily newspaper 4 million.

also is our marketing strategy, we are aiming at the transformation of the Internet media website, we also have their own characteristics according to the industry mode, we make the packaging and marketing strategy:

The first

for marketing, we belong to the highest population, including family income, jobs, education, people are more high-end, from this point we can distinguish the difference between the integrated portal, including NetEase, Sohu, such as Sina, YAHOO, these sites may be in flow and cover all bigger than us, but this is the difference our core competitive advantage is the focus. The second event marketing, this is the core of media advantages, but also from the media right of certain special Phoenix space event marketing, such as Ma Ying-Jeou, questioning Obama’s election and so on, we focused on these events marketing.


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