Examples to explain the three very effective way to promote the site

  on the promotion of the baby, also wrote a lot, a lot of common promotion methods such as search optimization, friendship connection forum, I will not say. Today, I said a few days I have studied several very effective, but we may not have noticed the promotion.

    a: rape Baidu Promotion Law: this approach is actually very simple, is the madness of rape Baidu Baidu space and Baidu know, personally think that there must be the risk of Baidu K. This is the way I see it today in the QQ group QQ website to see a way to promote the user suddenly learned. The friend, he is a movie, then he registered a lot of personal space in his room is Baidu, several popular movie name, and then connected to his site, as we all know, Baidu search, Baidu and Baidu know is the first search space, so that a few in his Baidu open space, I took a look at his statistics, one day can bring him more than 2 thousand IP, he know ourselves from a problem in Baidu, one day he brought about a flow of more than 1 thousand IP.

      two: the mysterious seduction promotion method: people are interested in the unknown and are likely to be of interest to themselves. Website promotion can make use of this feature to promote this point. For example: I have the "Wang Tong: at the 2006 annual meeting of China’s SEO keynote speech," the article sent to several forums, my statistics show that this article has brought me a lot of traffic. We first look at the article, plus red field, the name of this technique is: we use Google to earn Google money. (omitted here 200 words, technical content, participation of many people is not easy to make money, just to share meeting friends, yesterday here is omitted, the content will be placed in the VIP forum, a fee of $1200. Note: < < we use Google make money Google > > already "it was released free of charge. Need to view the web page)…"… By the way, a lot of people want to see that < < we use Google make money Google > > it is then the money? Why is he so expensive? Then they came to my website and said "we use Google to make Google’s money" to find the answer. So my purpose is reached, and the way to get traffic, others will remember your site. Effect is very good.

      three: content related promotion method: in fact, you write some articles, the article to be relevant, others saw this article after you want to see the next article or articles to want to look behind you in front of your article. For example: I wrote a few years ago to promote the website of the three step series of articles, including the first article I am: < < website promotion Trilogy: write soft Wen, improve net >

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