An analysis of large data Dongsheng big data = big fudge

Internet era, a variety of hot words, the concept of flying. Speaking of big data, many people do not understand, some people even lashed out at the "big data = big flicker". What is the big data in the end, what is the status of the industry and entrepreneurial opportunities?

big data is an era, the national team is very timely]

announced at the end of a thing, will have a profound impact on the future, and now we are not aware of. November 19, 2013, the National Bureau of statistics and the 11 domestic enterprises signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the contents of cooperation involving large data application statistics, as well as enterprise data to supplement government statistics and other fields. Some analysts said that in the case of big data increasingly strong national strategy, the Bureau of statistics will further promote the application of big data landing.

big data is definitely not fooled, it is the most fashionable words in the current IT field, simply that is the ability to quickly obtain valuable information from a variety of data. The United States is the first country to discover and use the scientific value of big data. In March 2012, the Obama administration announced a $200 million investment to pull large data related to industrial development, the big data strategy, national strategy, the Obama administration and even the big data is defined as the future of the new oil". At that time, the U.S. government said it would be considered the same level as the Internet to improve the competitiveness of the nation by improving the ability of the United States to extract knowledge and management from large, complex data sets. Obviously, big data is not just a word, it is a technology, is an industrial era.

and China as the world’s largest population, GDP ranked second in the country, the establishment of large data national team is very timely. The essence of big data is big, but it is not all it is not like sampling, blind man touched the elephant is like a leg or nose, but the entire elephant itself, the subtlety of the big data is that the more people use increased holdings, through such a macro fuzzy judgment, to complete an accurate individual recommendation thus, will make the whole production efficiency has been greatly improved.

[not open big data, the surrounding business is


there are still some problems in China’s big data applications. First, big data is not IT’s patent. The introduction of the first batch of National Bureau of statistics of the strategic partners, most still focus on IT company, in fact, not only IT companies have big data, such as the line retail giant enterprises have accumulated a lot of data resources in the real economy, the depth and breadth of their data as much or even more than Internet Co. One of the first to enter one of the partners in Shanghai Steel Union actually mastered the commodity data, including coal and steel, which is not involved in the National Bureau of statistics. Therefore, non IT companies, with a huge business form of the enterprise, can become the second batch of the National Bureau of statistics data partners. We also see that the National Bureau of statistics as the national legal departments of the attitude of Ping Ping, and actively seek cooperation with private enterprises, which is very gratifying progress.

second, with big data IT public

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