Refused to let the advertising fudge value

in 2016 the U.S. market is expected to achieve the program spending doubled, reaching $20 billion. However, as the Wall Street Journal « » recently reported, the brand of the program seems to be quite critical, and want to stay away from it. The lack of transparency, low visibility and high traffic fraud is considered to be the main reason.

if you’ve seen fraud in about $540 billion in all of the $6 billion 300 million ad spending, you can see why the brand needs to rethink the value orientation of the program. But there are also people who hold opposing views, of course they are brought from the procedural cost-benefit perspective on the program, making the brand to fill before the release of the field of sales process and enhance the ability of automated positioning of the target audience.

in view of all these factors it is not difficult to see that the program has become the main content of the majority of advertisers. However, the question is: in the case of low visibility and high fraud continue to haunt the marketing industry, the brand in the field of programming should invest much?


Don’t forget to

after all, if the user does not see advertising, brand advertisers can set up user brand favorability or increase brand awareness? Also, if the platform has low visibility and suspicious traffic, how can we expect the main platform to improve the user participation and to attract high quality advertisers? They can’t


if used properly, the program can bring high quality and high content for the brand and publishing platform, so that they can focus more on the new strategy. But before you decide how much to distribute the budget, it is necessary for us to learn more about visibility and fraud.

visibility and fraud: beyond the horizon, awareness of

when it comes to network visibility, brand can not tolerate this second, you can see me, the next second you can’t see me "like hide and seek media strategy. But when a second can only see an ad 50% pixels, this is the case, and this is the advertising industry’s minimum standards.

at the same time, although the robot program has made significant progress in the past, but the counterfeiters can sneak into the site. Have to admit that we are still at the stage of fraud detection, unless you take active measures to prevent fraud, otherwise it is open convenient ways for fraud.

if the buyer and the seller can enhance the visibility and traffic demand in order to ensure a fraud free environment for nearly 100% of the visible, so with the steady increase in the quality of advertising industry as a whole, those included in the not ideal or suspicious behavior in advertising fraud will be mercilessly kicked out.


by directly addressing visibility and fraud issues, the brand can have a better position based on the total budget expenditure

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